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WAQ77706 (e) Wedi’i gyflwyno ar 10/01/2019

Pa drafodaethau y mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi'u cael yn dilyn cyhoeddi adroddiad Arolygiaeth Gofal Cymru, 'Arolygiad o Wasanaethau Plant: Cyngor Sir Powys'?

Wedi'i ateb gan Y Dirprwy Weinidog Iechyd a Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol Wedi'i ateb ar 16/01/2019

Welsh Government continues to closely monitor Powys County Council Children’s Services. The Improvement and Assurance Board, established to support the Leader of the Council to drive forward the improvements required, last met on 9 January. Care Inspectorate Wales presented its latest Report to the Board and senior Welsh Government officials are in regular attendance.


CIW will continue to formally monitor the local authority through focussed activity and dependant on its assessment of progress made, will consider whether a further follow up inspection will be required in 12-18 months time.


Once the new Chief Executive, Dr Caroline Turner, takes up her post, the Minister for Housing and Local Government and I will be looking to meet with her and her leadership team at the earliest opportunity.

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